Hi, I'm Daniella and I'm a devoted teacher.


I have been teaching for many years, mostly in lower primary. I have a Bachelor degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education. I also have a Masters degree in Theological Studies. I'm passionate about all things teaching and love to dive in when I find new ideas and resources.

My dedication is to the early years K-2, however I have taught Years 3 and 4. I have had experience in open and closed classrooms, in team-teaching and single-teaching situations, as well as in early childcare centres and primary schools. I've done it all (well, I've done a lot!).

I'm the crazy teacher everyone rolls their eyes at, who loves PD and sharing in staff meetings. I'm also the super-organised-get-to-work-early-leave-late teacher that has already done it or tried it before you asked me to.

When I'm not teaching or making resources for teaching or planning for teaching, I'm spending time with my amazing husband, catching up with friends and family, getting creative with my art or horse-riding. As much as I'm devoted to teaching and my class, I've learnt the importance of work-life balance and having me-time!

Sharing the love,


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2020 Class Dojo Mentor

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Colour: Red

Number: 5

Flower: Poppy

Book: The Wizard of Oz, Nicholas

          Sparks novels

Movie: The Wizard of Oz, Disney 


Music: Country

Theatre Show: Wicked

TV Show: One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl,

         Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gilmore 

         Girls, Vampire Diaries, Friends

Food: Pasta, Fruit

Dessert: Cheesecake, Ice-cream

Place: Rural places, country