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Creating Virtual Excursions

During this period of remote learning and lockdown restrictions when we are unable to travel, use virtual excursions to engage students in new ways.

Virtual excursions can be used in the classroom or during remote learning to:

  • Prompt students for a task. For example: write about a sea creature from the aquarium or create a speech pretending to be a famous person/object from the museum.

  • Engage students in the content of a topic. For example: learn about life as a convict or life during the gold rush.

  • Engage students in learning of a new skill. For example: practise STEM challenges or practise reading.

  • Give students choice about what they would like to explore and learn about.

To create your virtual excursion, visit my blog post "Virtual Classrooms: A 'How-To' Guide" and use the same steps with different objects and backgrounds to create a virtual space for your excursion.

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